About Us

Our story begins more than 2000 years ago, an immaculate virgin giving birth in a stable in the cold Palestinian night, giving humanity the most beautiful and precious gift. No ribbon, no glitter. The simplest and most beautiful gift. The greatest of all gifts: Jesus Christ, our Savior.  We salute Our Lady; in her has she given us the dawn of salvation. Through her the gates of the garden are opened to us. Our Lady loves us, helps us and guides us. She is ours, mother at the foot of the cross, praying for our salvation and bruised by our sorrows. Our Lady, our sweet, generous Virgin Mary, gives us so much grace sustaining our hopes and faith. St. Martha, sister of St. Lazarus, had seen this in the Most Holy Mother of God. In the first century when our Lady was still alive, St. Martha dedicated a church, with the name of Our Lady of Gifts to the Virgin Mary, and the woman who gave man-kind the supreme gift.  It is in honor of this Lady who gave everything and who suffered so much watching the blood of her son shed for us, that we dedicate our site, our project and our mission. At Our Lady of Gifts we want to help you share the love of the Blessed Virgin and her Son with the people you love and with all humanity. We want you to be able to share the graces of the rosary, the graces of the Saints so that you immerse yourself in the love of Christ.