Another miracle through the intercession of Saint Charbel!

Another miracle through the intercession of Saint Charbel!

 Saint Charbel has earned the title of wonderworker due to numerous miracles obtained through his intercession. New accounts of the saint's help keep emerging, one of which is the recent testimony of Nada Oural Trad.

Nada Ural Trad, born in 1968, is wife of Roger Barakat, mother of four children and an architect by profession. She is originally from Batroun, Lebanon but lives in Toronto, Canada.

Nada suffered from stage 4 cancer of the tyroid gland, a malignant tumour that has metastasised to her liver, kidneys, lungs and bones, with pain in the back and hips. In March 2021, her oncologist gave her six months to live and estimated that her prognosis was seriously compromised. She underwent chemotherapy treatment but without any improvement. This treatment was followed by radiotherapy sessions which did not bring any real hope of recovery either. She resumed the chemotherapy treatment but in vain.

Seeing how events unfolded, she took refuge in prayer. Turning to the doctor in heaven, as he is often called, she implored St Charbel to help her through his intercession with the Lord. Her devotion to the saint was not new however... She had been keeping a bit of soil collected from his grave in Lebanon. She mixed a pinch of the soil with water and drank with confidence. When she woke up the next morning, she noticed that her neck had three red spots that looked like fingerprints, right where the tyroids are. She also felt her strength returning. She could walk more easily and climb stairs again without great effort.

When she contacted her oncologist again and repeated the tests, she learned that there were no more traces of cancer and that the tumour had disappeared. Nada flew to Lebanon and went to the monastery of St. Maron in Annaya to thank St Charbel for his intercession and Our Lord for granting her wish. She recorded her testimony and filed her medical reports on 22 November, date which is dedicated to St Charbel in Lebanon and all around the world.

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يا شربل صلي عنا

William Harb

Very beautiful true story. The power of prayer 🙏❤️ I come across saint Charbel story a few months ago in the hospital I was so happy to read all his life and the miracles he the all his life up to now I pray him every day 🙏🙏🙏❤️

Anna Maria

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