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  • A chapel located in a volcano

    Magnificent chapels placed on the tops of cliffs and mountains come as no surprise to Catholics nowadays. But have you ever heard about a chapel built in a..... volcano? 
  • Another miracle through the intercession of Saint Charbel!

    Saint Charbel has earned the title of wonderworker due to numerous miracles obtained through his intercession. New accounts of the saint's help keep emerging, one of which is the recent testimony of Nada Oural Trad.
  • What is the significance of prayer?

    First of all, we must know that prayer is a form of relationship with God and of worship. It is an elevation of the heart, a simple look towards God. It is a cry of love - both in suffering and in prosperity. But does God, who is almighty, omniscient and omnipresent, need our prayer? 
  • If God created everything, who created God?

    Today, we answer a question that we sometimes hear from atheists or children in Sunday school: "If God created everything, who created God? 5,000 years of human tradition settled in one sentence.

    But before we can answer that, we have to explain several things. Because this argument, if left as it is, without incorporating a greater and deeper reflection, will be complicated to answer.

  • A new Saint in France? The story of Anne-Gabrielle Caron

    The diocesan process for the beatification of Anne-Gabrielle Caron (2002-2010) opens on September 12 in Toulon. Her mother recounts the ascension to heaven of this "little sister" of Saint Thérèse.
  • What are we celebrating for Easter?

    Easter is the most important holiday for Christians. It celebrates the Resurrection of Christ, his victory over death, which is the central element of the Christian faith. It is the oldest Christian feast and the central feast of the liturgical year.

    The celebration of Easter is the occasion for Christians to renew their baptismal profession of faith. 
  • Deliver us from epidemics! : A novena to fight the Coronavirus

    We would like to highlight the wonderful initiative of the founders of https://www.allbehindmary.com/ who invite us to make a novena for the Virgin Mary so that she may help us and deliver us from this pandemic that is affecting the whole world.