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Saint Maron Annaya Monastery

Saint Charbel lived most of his life as a monk in the monastery of Saint Maron in Annaya. This beautiful monastery located in the mountains of Lebanon is the guardian of the tomb of Saint Charbel. It is from there that we bring most of the elements that make up our devotional ensembles dedicated to Saint Charbel.

Saint Rita, patron saint of desperate causes

From the convent where Saint Rita lived!

Cascia is a village located in central Italy where is located the monastery of Saint Rita. She lived in one of its cells for 40 years.

When Saint Rita died, she was already so famous that pilgrims came from all over Europe to Cascia.

The monastery was destroyed by an earthquake and was rebuilt by the King of Portugal, John V, who was cured of cancer by her intercession.

Saint Thérèse de Lisieux - The little Flower of God

The Carmel of Liseux

World famous because Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face lived there as a Carmelite nun from 1888 until her death in 1897, it is part of the Carmelite Order, spread throughout the world. Like all Carmelites, the Carmelites of Lisieux live from their work, done in union with the Carmelites of the whole world and God.

Charity is an integral part of our mission

Through some programs we have put in place and thanks to you, we are able to help the Christians of Lebanon and give access to the greatest number of people to the holy oil and holy water of Saint Charbel.

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