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Saint Charbel, Cedar of Lebanon Box (Ex Indumentis)

Saint Charbel, Cedar of Lebanon Box (Ex Indumentis)

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Introducing the Saint Charbel Cedar of Lebanon Box, a profoundly spiritual collection that invites you to embrace the essence of Saint Charbel's devout Catholicism. This exclusive gift set is meticulously sourced from the monastery where Saint Charbel dedicated his earthly life, offering a unique connection to his ascetic practices and unwavering faith.

The Saint Charbel Cedar of Lebanon Box includes:

  1. Relic Chaplet of Saint Charbel: A sacred chaplet adorned with relics of Saint Charbel, serving as a tangible reminder of his holy presence and an aid in prayer.

  2. Blessed Oil, Blessed Water, Incense, Miraculous Rope, and Soil: Five vials containing blessed oil, blessed water, incense, the miraculous rope of Saint Charbel, and soil from Saint Charbel's tomb. These blessed elements hold the potential for spiritual healing, purification, and intercession. 

  3. Image of Saint Charbel on Lebanese Cedar Wood with Ex Indumentis Relic: An image of Saint Charbel, lovingly crafted on Lebanese cedar wood. Within this sacred piece rests an Ex Indumentis relic, connecting you to the spiritual power and guidance of the saint.

  4. Prayer Card of Saint Charbel 
  5. Wooden decade rosary 

Experience the richness of your Catholic faith with the Saint Charbel Cedar of Lebanon Box. This spiritual treasure brings Saint Charbel's presence into your daily life, offering solace, inspiration, and a deeper connection to the divine.

Saint Charbel Pray for us ! 

Box dimension : 8x8 (20.5x20.5 cm) 

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Customer Reviews

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Ashley M McCarty
Beautiful gift for my mother in law

So beautiful, it brought my mother in law to tears! It was the perfect gift. Thank you so much!