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Valentine's Day Gift Box

Valentine's Day Gift Box

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For Valentine's Day, Our Lady of Gifts offers you an exceptional gift for your beloved one.

We propose a set dedicated to Saint Valentine and the two Saints of the Roes: Saint Rita and Saint Therese of Lisieux.

Saint Valentine is a saint who died in martyrdom to marry young men and women who passed against imperial prohibitions. With your gift box, you will have a prayer card to ask the Saint to protect your relationship.

Saint Rita is a Saint who was married to a man of little virtue. She had a hard life with this man, but she always had total trust in our Lord. No matter how hard her life was, and no matter how much her husband abused her, Saint Rita persevered in piety and good example. In the end, she changed her husband's heart and he finally asked her forgiveness. A sad reconciliation since her husband will be murdered shortly afterward, but at least she could have peace of mind having saved her husband's soul. In the hard times that life can bring us the intercession of St. Rita, patron saint of impossible causes and difficult marriages would be a great help for your relationship.

In the village where she lived, they produce rose incense, which accompanies the masses and the sister’s days, with the scent of holiness, in the Augustinian monastery that she joined after her husband's death. You will have it in our set, in addition to oil, water, and rose petals also coming from Cascia, as well as a card containing a third-class relic of the Saint of impossible causes. 

Another Saint in our gift is Saint Therese of Lisieux who is also famous for the roses she promises to rain down on us.

Saint Therese of Lisieux and the fruit of the union of two Saints: Louis and Zélie Martin. The Martin couple were inseparable because Christ was with them, it is very easy to divide two by two, but it is impossible when there are three of us. To love with Christ, to live with him, is to love eternally. The deep love of Louis and Zélie, for each other and for Christ, will create a family in the image of what the Lord wishes for us. A family immersed in holiness.  Saint Therese shows us how the fruit of perfect love can be sweet and good and she teaches us from her life to always trust in God and in the vocation he has chosen for you: “God would never inspire me with desires which cannot be realized; so in spite of my littleness, I can hope to be a saint.”

You will also have for Saint Therese the pleasure of feeling the rains of roses she promised us, when you burn her incense during your prayers. You will have also oil of rose where the relics of the saint were immersed in it. As well as a prayer card containing third class relics and a medal containing rose fragments.

In the gift, you will also get a silver rosary and an eternal rose that does not fade.

You can also add a personal letter for your beloved one and we will print it for you. 

It is the perfect gift for celebrating Valentine's Day in a Catholic way.



Regarding the salles of Relics

The sale or disposal by other means of "sacred relics" (meaning first and second class) without the permission of the Apostolic See is strictly forbidden by canon 1190 of the Code of Canon Law. We do not sell “sacred relics” under any circumstances. All Our Lady of Gifts products are sold with full respect to canonical laws. The use of the word "relic" in our products strictly refers to the third-class relic. Third class relics are the only form of a relic that the Church permits for sale and the only form of relics that we sell.

Regarding the salles of Blessed items

It is forbidden to buy or sell spiritual things. In some of our products, we have blessed water and oil. Both water and oil are given as a gift in the package. We do not make any profit from it. It is possible for you to ask for blessed water and oil on our site for free by contacting us, you still cover the cost of shipping and handling. In addition, we always have a percentage of our earnings that is donated to charities that are important to us or allocated to the supply of all things provided free of charge by our organization.


Size of vials:
Big : 18x40mm
Small : 12x24mm

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